Project: Orange Swapables

My responsibilities: Cross function experience mapping, UX Design, UI Design

As part of the Orange offering, Swapables (yes, you read that spelling correctly) were type of benefits package that gave the customer access to services like music, films, TV and other special offers as part of being a monthly paying customer.

The proposition was introduced in 2011/2012 and I was given the task of making sure the experience was as cohesive as possible across all platforms, and that a customer arriving into and area mentioning Swapables knew what it meant.


There were several teams working on this project, notably:

  • The Orange Shop digital team, including me
  • An agency creating a micro-site
  • The team who managed the proposition itself
  • Communications teams managing emails, etc
  • Orange retail stores (their plan of action was set in action months in advance)

The challenge here was to try and get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet. It was rare that a launch would be fully joined up like this at Orange, as knitting together an experience across svereal touchpoints in an organisation that large was quite an unwieldy task that many wouldn't relish.

I saw it as an opportunity.

Laying it out simply

It was clear that I needed to nail down an initial idea of the expected user flows:

There were various teams managing these touchpoints, and it was clear from this flow that there were several elements of interdependency.

For presentation to higher level management, I also put together a more visual version of the elements in this flow:

Keeping everyone together

 with internal teams and the agency producing the micro-site to try and ensure alignment throughout this process. Generally, the approach seemed to go well. All team members and management were on board with what we were producing.


The project delivery