Project: ASOS Stylist Chat

My Responsibilities: UX Design for both Customers and Stylists

As part of the growing portfolio of services ASOS were offering, Personal Stylists were employed to help customers in need of a bit of style advice. The vision for how the stylists were going to operate was via a chat service. Customers were impressed with the chat service, but as ASOS is a clothing retailer, the advisory service the stylists were offering needed to be more visual. The provided an interesting challenge.

ASOS had a live chat service, but when starting this project, there was a change in suppliers. This gave me a few challenges in the UX as the new supplier had different constraints to the previous supplier.

We already used a web canvas technology for one of our other propositions, Fashion Finder, where customers who were highly engaged with fashion built their own outfits on a canvas.


Pairing this canvas technology with the stylists chat service would give the customers an excellent experience where they could discuss their styling needs with a personal stylist, and the stylist could show them products and pair items up in an organic, easy to digest fashion.

The first area of focus focus was getting the chat service operating in a way that customers understood. The "message bubble" format, used for several years on smartphones and other messaging services seemed like the logical options, especially given the young demographic of ASOS customers.

I then needed to consider how the customer would interact with the more complex chat + canvas tool. Switching between the chat and product search needed to be easy and intuitive, and the canvas needed to be visible at all times as the conversation would be about elements both the stylist and customer were looking at.

ASOS Stylist Canvas

The left hand panel looked to be an optimal way of enabling the customer to switch between areas, while still keeping the canvas in view.

As another part of this exercise, I needed to work with the stylists to understand how they would like to use the canvas:

One interesting part of this was canvas-locking. At times, the stylist needed to be able to add items to the canvas unhindered by the customer interacting with it.

Here's an example of the final designs that customers and stylists used:

ASOS Stylist Canvas Full UI

This service was available to Premier customers in the UK, a small section of the ASOS user base, due to the limited size of the team of stylists.